Air Vents

Within this category you will find all our standard Air Vents from Powered extractor systems to flood defence covers.


  • Wall Gravity Flap

    Gravity flaps operate by the extractor fan pushing the vent open with the force of the air passing through when the extractor is closed no vermin or wildlife can enter and nest.

  • Adjustable Internal Vents

    Open or close these air vents to control air flow

  • Louvre Vent Flyscreen

    Permanently open vents ideal for use where gas / multifuel burners are installed

  • Air Bricks

    Air Bricks these are used to ventilate your cavity walls and prevent damp they can also be used as part of our air extraction systems

  • Soffit Vents

    Soffit Vents are part of the roofline range they are used to ventilate your rafters and reduce condensation and damp.

  • Caravan Vents
  • Ducting

    With the desire to maximise living space and ceiling height, rectangular ducts are the perfect solution for small ceiling void applications and tight spaces. The Verplas Rectangular Ducting Range is designed to maximise airflow and contribute to lower system resistance.

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